Adorable pug is very happy to see his owner return home (video)

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This little (old) guy was so excited to have his owner return home that he belted out a song. Kind of.

Patrick Stewart bids Earth goodbye, dressed as China’s dying moon rover (video)

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Unfortunately, China’s lunar rover, named Jade Rabbit, has a technical malfunction, and is facing imminent death.

A Celtics fan dances like nobody`s watching, except everybody was

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A Boston Celtics fan starts dancing in the bleachers, quite well at that, to Bon Jov’s “Livin’ On a Prayer.”
Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" off of American Airlines flight.

AA flight emergency lands to arrest woman singing “I’ll always love you” non-stop (video)

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Oh yes, there’s video.

New Zealand parliament breaks into song as gay marriage is legalized (must-see video)

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I actually got chills watching this video.
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