Biofluorescent fish (video)

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Researchers studying biofluorescent coral also discovered other sea life that reflect certain light.

Shark Dolphin photobombs boys surfing in California (video)

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A mom takes a pic of her son surfing, and only later sees the huge shark, or dolphin, in the photo.

Great white shark gets stuck in shark cage with 2 divers (video)

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A scary video of a two divers stuck in cage with a great white that rips out their oxygen.

Woman hangs on to great white shark for a ride (video)

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A freediver swims with a great white shark and holds on for a ride. Amazing, and absolutely insane video.

Spearfisherman encounters tiger shark off of Hawaii, handles it surprisingly well (video)

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Regardless of your opinion of spearfishing, the guy handled the situation with serious aplomb.
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