Report on CIA black sites & torture may provoke constitutional crisis

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Will Congress force the CIA to obey the law, at least when it comes to Congress? Feinstein forces the issue.

ENDA passes US Senate: 64-32; Boehner opposes passage in House

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10 Republicans joined all Democrats present in voting for the bill banning anti-gay job discrimination.

27 GOP Senators vote to disapprove of own vote to raise debt ceiling

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27 Republican Senators voted this week to condemn their own votes in favor of raising the debt ceiling.

Texas state capitol trooper confiscates woman’s Maxi-Pad, but guns are okay (video)

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Video shows woman in tears after trooper confiscated her Maxi-Pad on way to watch abortion vote in Texas Senate.
ENDA, via HRC.

Senate committee passes ENDA (gay jobs bill) with support from GOP’s Hatch, Murkowski, Kirk

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ENDA would ban job discrimination against gay and trans people at the federal level.

Senate sexual assault hearing “forgets” to invite victims of sexual assault

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Senate Armed Services has own “Sandra Fluke” moment as Dems and Repubs stack deck against sexual assault bill.
Eiffel Tower by © John Aravosis

Gay marriage law passes crucial vote in French Senate – France WILL have gay marriages!

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With the passage of a crucial provision in the French Senate, gay marriages are expected to be legal by summer.
Stephen Colbert: There is no Santa Claus in Canada

Poll: Stephen Colbert is South Carolinia’s favorite for new US Senator

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PPP Polling: “Stephen Colbert tops the wish list of who South Carolina voters would like to see join that body.”
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