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New York City to spend $20 million for unarmed security guards in private, religious schools

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Nothing about this makes any sense.
USS Annapolis, via Wikimedia Commons

National Intelligence Council: Water wars are coming

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Wars are fought over resources, and the world is running low on its most basic one.
The exact location of gay men currently on Grindr in Tehran, Iran, a country in which gay men are put to death.

I just found gay Grindr users in Iran, Brunei after Grindr “fixes” location problem

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Only hours after gay smartphone app “Grindr” attempted to fix a glitch in its system that has already outed the exactly¬†location of over 600,000 gay men in countries like ...

“Grindr” gay smartphone app turns off “distance” option in face of privacy concerns

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A glitch revealed the exact location of 630,157 Grindr users in 131 countries, including 134 in North Korea.

Grindr security glitch exposes gay users in Uganda, Russian Kremlin

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Popular gay smartphone app Grindr reveals the precise location of its gay users to anyone with a Net connection.

Popular gay dating app Grindr faces creepy security breach allegations

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Anyone can find a Grindr user’s near-exact location using a simple Web site. Grindr says it’s not a bug.
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How to choose a secure Internet password

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A cyber-security guru tackles the question of Internet passwords: hacking them, and how to choose safe ones.

Suicide bomber may already be at Olympics, US tourists staying away

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With the security situation deteriorating by the hour, the Sochi Olympics are starting to sound like Westworld.
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Montreal college student expelled after exposing security hole in college’s network

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Dawson College refuses to explain why this shouldn’t be perceived as a whistleblower incident.
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