SCOTUSblog trolling, original image via Wikimedia Commons

SCOTUSblog trolls conservatives who confused them with the official Court following Obamacare ruling

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The Supreme Court doesn’t have a Twitter account, but the blog that covers them does. And they know how to use it.
Photo by ©John Aravosis.

US Senate revokes press credential of SCOTUSblog because, old men

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SCOTUSblog is owned by a law firm that argues before the Supreme Court on behalf of its clients.
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Will the Supreme Court allow the Secret Service to silence dissent?

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The Secret Service insulated President Bush from liberal protesters, but not conservatives.

SCOTUSblog picks guy in nude mesh unitard as image of Prop 8

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The anti-gay media bias of the 1980s-90s is back. And Exhibit A is the renowned SCOTUSblog.
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