The Earth is toast, per new UN report on climate change

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A new United Nations report finds that climate change already is affecting the world, and it will only get worse.
Dr. Rosalyn Yalow at her Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, October 13, 1977, after learning she was one of three American doctors awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine that year. (Photo by USIA)

Sequester cut funding to 1,000 researchers

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But the harm went far beyond the researchers. It affected students, other researchers, and sick people worldwide.
HIV virus attacking cell. 3D render, via Shutterstock.

Treating HIV without drugs

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New research is looking at treating your own cells to make them HIV-resistant. Dr. Thoma summarizes the findings.
Trachea via Photoshop

The science of regrowing human organs

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Scientists have grown and transplanted a human trachea.
Two of the lead characters from the 2009 movie "Avatar."

New research suggests you are what you avatar

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College students given good characters in games acted more nicely than those given evil, or neutral, ones.
Quick snippet of Masha's 16 minute whisper-video meant to provoke the scalp-tingle response.

Does this video make your head tingle?

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Some call it ASMR, and I thought it happened to everyone, but apparently it only happens to some people.
Prof. Silvestro Micera with LifeHand2. (Photo courtesy of UniversitĂ  Campus Bio-Medico di Roma)

Bionic hand moves, grasps, even lets you “feel”

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The first crude artificial hands date back thousands of years.
Felix Baumgartner - record breaking freefall jump

Science Sunday: Black holes are really gray, and other science news

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From Curiosity on Mars to breathtaking leaps from the stratosphere, it’s Science Sunday again on AMERICAblog.
Farrah Fawcett. Featureflash /

What everyone should know about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and anal cancer

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Actress Farrah Fawcett was the most famous woman to die of anal cancer. Learn the risks, symptoms and prevention.
Scanning electron micrograph of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), grown in cultured lymphocytes. (Photo credit Photo Credit: C. Goldsmith, CDC)

A possible cure for HIV/AIDS?

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Treatment with antibody-bound radioisotopes, combined with antiretroviral therapy, could be possibly curative.
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