Areas of the brain associated with Christmas (Image:

Researchers discover the location of the “Christmas spirit” in the human brain

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No word yet on the neuroscience of humbug.
Jurassic Park, via Wikimedia Commons

Breitbart contributor says mass extinction via climate change isn’t a problem because of Jurassic Park

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He says he was joking, but a LOT of people agree with him.
Global climate change, via Creative Commons

House Republicans vs. The Weather: Part 845742

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Rep. Lamar Smith is mad that climate data doesn’t say what he wants it to say.
Doctor via Shutterstock

Using cancer cells to kill cancer cells

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A report on some more promising cancer research.
Muslim man via Shutterstock

Tennessee bill would ban teaching kids about Islam in middle school

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Tennessee recently tried to make the Bible its official state book.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson: Gravity, boy I dunno

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This from the supposed intellectual candidate in the GOP primary.
Rush Limbaugh, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Rush Limbaugh: NASA probably made up water on Mars to promote liberal agenda on Earth

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Leave it to Rush Limbaugh to look at science and say, “Nah, must be a liberal conspiracy.”
Scanning electron micrograph of the HIV-1 virus, colored green, budding from cultured lymphocyte, via Creative Commons

This virus could be used to treat HIV

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The latest in potential outside-the-box treatments for HIV.
Medical research, via Pixabay

Government shutdowns, sequesters and medical research

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When Congress can’t fund itself, medical research takes a huge hit. We can’t let that happen.
HIV virus attacking cell. 3D render, via Shutterstock.

A few updates on HIV research

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A number of new clinical trials are showing promise in hopes of treating the disease and preventing its spread.
The Pill, via Wikimedia Commons

American Pharmacists Association gives award to homophobic pseudo-scientist, plugs his book

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The pill might turn your blood green and make your kid gay, says this APhA-endorsed pharmacist.
MRI, via Wikimedia Commons

New research links poverty to lower cognitive development in children

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Poverty is a public health issue.
Nagleria fowleri, via Wikimedia Commons

We’re a step closer toward curing a disease caused by brain-eating amoebas

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Brain eating amoebas are a small but serious problem. Now we’re a step closer to a cure.
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