Photo by Dave Weigel.

Welcome to the Chris Christie Super Subpoena Bowl!

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“The crowd is much thinner than expected today. Seems someone closed two-thirds of the stadium turnstiles.”
Credit: Jon Maas

NJ port official: Chris Christie lied, knew about bridge lane closure

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Wildstein says “evidence exists” showing Christie knew about the closurers earlier than he publicly claimed.

“Christie 2016: Bringing America together or I will f*ck you over”

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Stephen Colbert: “Christie never lost sight of who truly was hurt by this: Chris Christie.”

The fake scandals hide the real ones (thoughts on Weiner-gate, and scandals that actually matter)

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While the political press chatters about Anthony Weiner’s adultery, the real scandals are ignored.
What's not to trust about a 59 year old guy without a single gray hair?

“Conservative Republican” ran Cincinnati IRS office that investigated Tea Party

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In other words, it wasn’t a Democratic investigation of the Tea Party, it was a conservative Republican one.

Glenn Beck has bizarre argument with self in drag over IRS & “death panels”

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The only death panel is the one running the Republican party into the ground.

Jon Stewart’s IRS schadenfreude: “Where’s your receipts, a**holes?”

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While Stewart has little sympathy for GOP scandal-mongering, he admits schadenfreude at the IRS being audited.

Ding dong! Michele Bachmann’s retiring

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It really was no miracle, what happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the US House to pitch…

IRS commissioner resigns over Tea Party scandal

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This is just coming in…

IRS “scandal”: Rachel Maddow & Dan Rather discuss (video)

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Dan Rather says things were far worse under Nixon, but it’s legit to have an investigation.
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