Wikileaks outs gay Saudi, two rape victims

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Wikileaks faces new charges today of having outed a gay Saudi, two rape victims, and several assault victims.
The Obama's meet with Saudi leaders, via Wikimedia Commons

Accusations of 9/11 government cover-up trouble U.S.-Saudi relations

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The two parties don’t often agree, but they agree that 9/11 victims’ families shouldn’t be able to sue the Saudis.
Syria via Shutterestock

Refugees, then and now

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In principle, fleeing violence is nothing new, but the costs of mobility are lower and the stakes are higher now.
Syria via Shutterestock

The West is using an accounting trick to ignore Saudi Arabia’s Syrian refugees

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Here’s how you make millions of refugees disappear in one easy step.
Tom Cotton, via Creative Commons

On human rights, the “other countries are worse” defense needs to go

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Mike Huckabee and Tom Cotton would rather Indiana be compared to Iran than Illinois when it comes to LGBT rights.

Saudi Arabia jails gay man for 1 year, $26k fine, for cruising gay social networks on cell phone

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We’d reported previously on the potential risk posed by apps such as Grindr and Jack’d, among others.
IPCC AR5 WG1 Summary for Policymakers, Fig SPM-10 (final)

IPCC climate report “diluted” under “political pressure” to protect fossil fuel interests

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Did the U.N. climate group cave to the Saudis and others and overstate the amount of CO2 that could be emitted?

Saudi comedian/activist’s brilliant video challenges ban on women driving

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Hisham Fageeh is a comedian and social activist, and his video/song “No woman, no drive” is brilliant.

Saudi women video selves driving cars in nationwide protest against sexist “men only” law

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The best part of this video is the little girl in the next car, giving the thumbs up while smiling widely.
Yes, well, one challenge at a time.  (Muslim woman driving via Shutterstock.)

Saudi sheikh: When women drive it “rolls up the pelvis,” causes birth defects

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They oppress you because they care.
Woman in niqab veil

90-something Saudi reportedly marries terrified 15 year old girl

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Saudi girls as young as 8 are married off to old men, while religious leaders defend it & the govt does nothing.
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