Is Ann Coulter genetic? (

Reminder: Ann Coulter is probably faking it

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Ann Coulter’s work is best read as satire, or not read at all.

If iconic female roles were played by men (video)

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It’s really quite interesting. Some are disturbing, others (to me at least) seem quite normal.

Hilarious satire: Russia shuts down Broadway for being too gay

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This is amazingly well done, and includes a ton of stars. “If you weren’t gay… that would be okay…”
Chris Christie, via L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock

Onion on Christie: “Do I look like a corrupt, vengeful, openly antagonistic bully to you?”

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“I could never, ever be capable of endlessly obsessing over every last criticism leveled against me.”

Brilliant parody of TSA’s security video for kids

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“Why is that agent’s tail wagging, dad? Looks like he just can’t wait to screen you, son.”

Donner is sexist, and Santa’s kind of a dick

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I love “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” but the show really is a bit sexist. And that depiction of Santa – oy!

XXX fan fiction about Paul Ryan’s and Aaron Schock’s gay love affair

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Oh. My. God.

Brad Pitt in “World War Z” – the honest trailer

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I never read the book, but heard it had nothing to do with the movie, which I didn’t love. This trailer is cute.
Amanda Bynes via flickr

America, please stop caring so much about Amanda Bynes (video)

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When I first saw so many people talking about Amanda Bynes, I said “who?” And now that I know, I care even less.
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