The Benham boys, doing heterosexuality proud in their pastel shirts, perfectly coiffed hairdos, and fabulous hand gestures. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Fired HGTV hosts, Benham Bros., say evolution is “Satan’s toehold” in the classroom

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The Benham boys also had a few choice words about “perversion.” I wonder who they mean by that?
Courtesy of the Satanic Temple.

Oklah. City Satanists raise $28k on Indiegogo for monument next to 10 Commandments

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This is what happens when you start permitting religious sculptures in a public place.

Catholic archbishop says Satan is pushing for gay marriage

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The Catholic archbishop of Minneapolis thinks Satan is the real power behind the recent success of gay marriage.

Satan was pro-choice, religious right claims

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“The first pro-choicer, frankly, from a spiritual perspective was Satan himself.”
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