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Sarah Palin calls Trump’s Carrier deal “socialism

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Sarah Palin called Trump’s negotiating with Carrier “socialism” and “crony capitalism.”
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, via YouTube

Sarah Palin is speaking another language

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Palin endorsed Trump. This is not going to be “so much fun.”
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin (Gage Skidmore / Flickr, screenshot)

Donald Trump is to the Bible what Sarah Palin is to newspapers

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Donald Trump reads all of the Bible verses, and loves all of its books. He just can’t name any.

John Oliver on Sarah Palin’s “Today Show” appearance (video)

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And who knew Sarah Palin has a pay-subscription Web “show”?
Sarah Palin turkey slaughter

The Sarah Palin Thanksgiving turkey massacre (video)

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I don’t know why, but with Thanksgiving upon us, I happened to remember a certain scene back in 2008 when a soon to be half-a-term Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska decided she was ...
She can see delusion from her kitchen window.

Palin says you “haters” are gonna make her run again

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If there’s a God…

Police release audio of Palin family drunken brawl

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Bristol Palin: “They took my $300 sunglasses, they took my f**king shoes and I’m f**king just left here?”
Sarah Palin as a sportscaster in Alaska. The early days.

Sarah Palin thinks the President lives at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue

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The future of the Republican party is quite literally lost.
Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz (bottom right) lead "veterans" in protesting the Republicans own shutdown of the government.

Sarah Palin: “It’s time to impeach”

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“The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored.”
How people think income is distributed vs. how it's really distributed

Five reasons to consider a Basic Guaranteed Income for all Americans

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They offer a Guaranteed Basic Income in Alaska. Why not in the lower 48 states?

If it’s Thanksgiving, it’s time for the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter

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Governor Palin and the Great Turkey Slaughter of 2008: A new Thanksgiving tradition
Sarah Palin wanted to impeach President Obama over the imminent debt default.

Budget deal thwarts Sarah Palin’s secret plan to impeach Obama

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Two days ago, Sarah Palin announced a secret plan to impeach President Obama over the impending debt default.

Chuck Todd on Cruz and Palin continuing to push the shutdown: “What planet are you guys living on?”

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Chuck Todd had some choice words for Sarah Palin’s and Ted Cruz’s support for the government shutdown.
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