NRA ad site targeting obama girls

NRA ad targeting Sasha, Malia is “repugnant, cowardly” (White House)

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NRA ad suggests Obama kids are spoiled, elitist, rich kids for having Secret Service protection.
nra screen shot

NRA targets Obama kids in new Web site, ad

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NRA suggests Obama kids face no more threats than any typical American child.
sandy hook hoax

Sandy Hook truthers claim the Newtown massacre was a hoax

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Sandy Hook truthers claim the Newtown massacre is all a government (read: Jewish) plot to take your guns.
walmart gun

Walmart refuses to meet VP Biden to talk guns

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Walmart, the nation’s largest gunseller, claimed a “scheduling conflict.” Tacky.

Obama floats stricter gun control trial balloon

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Has the massacre of twenty 6 and 7 year olds finally woken America up to its troublesome fetish with guns?

NRA Web site glorifies violent Hollywood movies after NRA chief criticizes violent Hollywood movies

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NRA chief called Hollywood violence “pornography,” but touts “Pulp Fiction” & “Reservoir Dogs” on NRA Web site.
child with gun

GOP Sheriff Arpaio is sending his 3,000-strong gun “posse” to AZ schools

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Welcome to the GOP police state, bought and paid for by the gun nuts.
boy with gun

Adorably confused American public wants more gun control, but not too much

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The public, while more pro gun control of late, is still far too ambivalent about what action we should take.
The NRA's fallen and it can't get up

The NRA’s fallen and it can’t get up

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It was a truly disastrous weekend for the once-untouchable NRA.
teacher gun featured

Arming teachers doesn’t work

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Most participants in a study were unable to get their gun out of its holster, let alone bring down an intruder.
Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Joe Scarborough on gun control

Scarborough’s amazing transformation from gun advocate to gun opponent

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Uber-conservative Scarborough’s epiphany is a useful lesson for taking on America’s gun-nut culture of violence.
NRA protest over Sandy Hook, Willard Hotel, Wayne LaPierre

NRA proposes armed guards in every school, protesters disrupt no-questions presser

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Code Pink did a great job disrupting the NRA’s press conference this morning about the Sandy Hook massacre.

Soledad O’Brien takes down himbo Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) over guns

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SOLEDAD: “Okay, I think, with all due respect, you’re not going to answer my question.”
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