Only Putin would think to starve his own people to punish the West

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Cutting off basic foods to everyday Russians is an odd way to “punish” the west.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Kosovo (or not)

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Is a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine imminent? There are increasing signs.

Destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight poses huge conundrum for Obama, Europe

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The US and w. Europe were hoping to contain Putin’s madness to Ukraine. It didn’t work. Now what?

Congrats — Yous gays seriously ticked off Putin

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Russian President Putin just banned Obama’s gay donors from entering Russia (as if they’d want to).
Kremlin propaganda chief Dmitri Kisilev (aka Dmitry Kiselyov). If this is the best they've got, bring it on.

Is the Kremlin’s propaganda chief “a journalist”?

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Some are upset that Putin’s top propagandist, Dmitry Kiselev, is on the EU sanctions list. But is he a journalist?
"Harry Reed" can no longer vacation in Siberia.

Russians ban Senate Leader “Harry Reed” (sic) from visiting Moscow (like he ever would)

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Americans don’t visit Russia for fun. Russians do visit NYC. Are there any sanctions that hurt us more than them?
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