Video shows white San Fran student accosted because dreadlocks “appropriate” Egyptian culture

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“Sorry, we don’t want people with your hair here.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.56.05 PM

November 1978: The month San Francisco unraveled

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Natural disasters aside, the city has never gone through a more turbulent time.

Save San Francisco’s Cadillac Hotel

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A place for those with nowhere else to go needs your help.

San Francisco, where “Eviction = Death”

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Welcome to the new San Francisco.

Is it sexist to objectify an awfully hot (male) cop?

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There’s a bit of a phenomenon going on with a rather hot male cop in San Francisco, by the name of Chris Kohrs.

Burger King’s amazing gift for Gay Pride (video)

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“A burger has never made me cry before.”
GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in Google Glasses (source: Luke Russert via Twitter)

San Francisco in the golden age of ‘Glassholes’

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Chris Andoe, who recently moved from SF to NYC, laments the Google Glass(holes) who have ruined his former home.
Valentine's Day via Shutterstock

Dumped by her own community on Valentine’s Day

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A Valentine’s Day dance benefitting PFLAG banned a formerly-lesbian couple because one partner is female-to-male.

NTSB intern confirmed fake joke-names for Asiana crash pilots to local TV news (video)

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“Captain Sum Ting Wong.” Even stranger, the station later apologized and said the NTSB had confirmed the names.

Stunning video of the fog rolling into San Francisco

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I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with “Adrift,” a truly masterful video by Simon Christen.
Asiana 214

Amateur video of the Asiana plane crash in San Francisco

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Video of the Asiana 214 crash and the audio of air traffic control as the plane attempts to land.
Prop 8 plaintiffs Jeff Katami and Paul Zarrillo get married in Los Angeles, two days after the Supreme Court refused to overturn a decision striking down Prop 8.

It’s the Prop 8 boys’ turn! Weddings galore in California tonight

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Prop 8 plaintiffs Jeff Katami and Paul Zarrillo got married in Los Angeles this evening.

Today is “Bike To Work Day” – Here’s the world’s best commute (video)

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Are there any rides to work quite as beautiful as this one? Perhaps a few, but this one is great.
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