The jack-booted thugs of the supplement industry

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John Oliver’s extensive take-down of America’s powerful nutritional supplement industry.
If it's green, it's gotta be good for you. (Supplement via Shutterstock)

We need to have a chat about nutritional “supplements”

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I went through the supplement aisle of a store recently, and as an MD I was shocked by what I found.

Amazing tornado footage, and two really dumb guys (video)

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How long until someone gets killed trying to film something for YouTube?
Angry egg via Shutterstock

Science is not the enemy

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When I wrote about the risks of e-cigarettes & benefits of circumcision, you’d have thought I spat on the flag.
Sugar free via Shutterstock

Diet soft drinks may increase cardiovascular risk

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Women who drank two or more diet drinks per day had an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease.
E-cigarette via Shutterstock

The truth about e-cigarettes

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The jury is still out on whether e-cigarettes are safe, and whether they even help you stop smoking.

Delta refusing to waive cancellation fee for tourists fleeing Sochi Olympics

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“I’m not putting the children in harm’s way,” one mother of three said. “It’s not a vacation anymore.”

Suicide bomber may already be at Olympics, US tourists staying away

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With the security situation deteriorating by the hour, the Sochi Olympics are starting to sound like Westworld.
The same Russian terrorists who successfully blew up a train station last month are now promising to kill tourists at the Sochi winter Olympics next month.

Russian terrorists promise to kill Sochi Olympics tourists, US Senator warns against attending

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Russian terrorists are promising “a surprise package” for tourists attending the Winter Olympics in Russia.

US govt issues travel alert to gays, others attending Sochi Olympics

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State Dept warns Americans about terrorism, inadequate medical care, gay civil rights violations, crime in Russia.
A farmer from the Miao minority pours a cocktail of pesticides into a sprayer to prepare for spraying his pseudo-ginseng farm. Dehou Town, Wenshan County, Yunnan Province. Wenshan is the origin and the main production area of pseudo-ginseng and accounts for almost 98 percent of China's total yield. (© Simon Lim / Greenpeace)

89% of Chinese herbal medicines purchased abroad contained 3 or more pesticides

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72% exceeded European safety levels, and 47% contained “highly” or “extremely” hazardous pesticides.
Fukushima Reactor 4 after earthquake and tsunami severely damaged it

3 Fukushima reactor cores melted into earth during accident, still missing – 4th could explode

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Fukushima Reactor 4 still a potential disaster. Three other reactor cores melted into the earth. Action needed.

You may never eat chicken again

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You’ll soon be eating chicken processed in a country, China, whose food exports many won’t even feed their dog.
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