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HIV/AIDS explodes in Russia as Putin eschews “western” science

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New HIV infections in Russia are out of control, and Kremlin shows little interest in seriously addressing them.

Russian thugs attack St. Patrick’s Day revelers for wearing kilts, thought they were gay (video)

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“We thought they were gays.”
Stalin (credit: US Signal Corps, Library of Congress)

Russia kicked out of G8, Putin rehabilitates Stalin

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Stalin killed, conservatively, between 4 and 10 million Russians, though some estimates go as high as 60 million.
KIEV, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 29: Pro-Europe protest in Kiev on november 29, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine. Mykhaylo Palinchak /

Is the Ukrainian Revolution really fascist?

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Some critics claim that Ukraine’s government and revolution is run by fascists. A look at whether they’re right.

Russian thugs attack 2 Pussy Riot women in McDonald’s, one has concussion

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“Bon appétit, bitches – f*ck you. Shove the chicken in your c*nt.” McDonald’s security was nowhere to be seen.

Russian neo-nazi leader continues using Putin-friendly to plan abductions of young gays

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Neo-nazi leader Maxim Martsinkevich continues to use website of Putin-ally Alisher Usmanov to execute kidnappings.

Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine, but he loves them in Russia

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The Putin regime says it had to invade Ukraine to save it from “Nazis.” Yet Putin is fine with Nazis in Russia.

Buddy Cole gets to the bottom of gay life in Sochi, Russia (video)

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“Just to get the story I bit the bullet, and some other stuff, and managed to penetrate Sochi’s gay underground.”

Nellie McKay, Will Dollinger release song benefiting Russian gay rights advocacy (video)

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The new song, “Vodka,” will benefit AMERICAblog’s and Queer Nation NY’s work on the Russian LGBT issue, and more.

Flaming Buddy Cole ticks off the cops in Sochi for the Colbert Report

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Buddy, in fur, went to the protest zone and protested that his martini had run out of vodka. Cops were unamused.
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