Closet-gay-ally Mitch McConnell.

MConnell/Bush-judge strikes down gay marriage ban in Kentucky

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Judge Heyburn: “In America, even sincere and long-hold religious beliefs do not trump constitutional rights.”

Hobby Lobby is PEOPLE!

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What today’s Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby means for civil rights.
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Supreme Court: Money is free speech, provided you have money to start with

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The whole “fight bad speech with good speech” argument presumes that we can all speak in the first place.
Utah saw a large number of weddings during the brief period that gay nuptials were legal in that state in December, 2013, pending appeal of a court case.

Appeals court refuses to stop gay marriages in Utah!

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Hee-haw! Merry Christmas, y’all!
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In-depth look at how New Mexico won gay marriage

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A detailed analysis of yesterday’s blockbuster New Mexico Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage.
Protester in India (photo: NDTV screenshot)

India’s Stonewall: How recriminalizing homosexuality inspired a revolution

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How the Indian Supreme Court’s recriminalization of homosexuality started a revolution.

Gobs of gay marriage, DOMA, Prop 8 news

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Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, GOP Congress, Fox News, Catholic bishops, and others weigh in.
gay marriage prop 8 doma

The mess that is federal benefits post-DOMA

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The feds are busying sifting through a lot of law and regulation to figure out who now gets benefits.
My civil rights are not a toy. (Cat with yarn via Shutterstock)

There has got to be a better way to announce Supreme Court decisions

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There’s something unseemly about waiting to see if maybe today the Supreme Court will “let my people go.”
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