Will you settle for what they offer you? Class War Kitteh says, "Stand up for more." You have permission.

Are Dems who propose cuts to Social Security “stupid” or just doing risk-analysis?

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Why do Democrats persist in offering unpopular proposals? Are they stupid, or smart in a different way?
Video: Young Guns II, the return of the Ryan budget’s assault on Medicare

Republicans wanted the shutdown all along, and Dems have already lost the negotiations

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Paul Ryan’s budget numbers are now considered the starting point in any new negotiations to end the shutdown.

Did Obama deliberately lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?

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Barack Obama has talked frequently about Social Security. But did he fake his position during the 2008 campaign?
Robert Rubin, courtesy of the Treasury Dept.

Clintonista architect of Wall Street collapse disses “too big to fail” concerns

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Clintonista and former Citi executive, Robert Rubin, still lives in fantasy-land.
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