Hillary one-ups squirrel RNC sent to harass her

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The Republicans sent a giant squirrel to chase Hillary on her book tour, so Hillary walked up and gave him a book.

Will RNC boss Priebus end his own personal “War on Christmas”?

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The RNC is selling t-shirts mocking the phrase “Happy Holidays” when its own chairman uses the phrase. Awk-ward.

Did Daily Caller just call RNC chair the n-word?

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Conservative blogger reports that conservative publication called GOP party chair Priebus “HNIC.”

RNC lists “in the closet” as a sexual orientation on survey

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A new RNC survey sounds like the GOP is worried that its positions on gays, abortion and pot are hurting it.
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A more humorous take on the GOP plan to “reboot” the party

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Politico’s Roger Simon is a real gem, if you don’t read him. This is his take on the RNC’s “reboot.”
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An autopsy of the autopsy: Why the RNC reboot will fail

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The Republican party “reboot” is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and poorly at that.
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GOP FL vote scandal spreading nationwide?

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Firm took large sums of money from both Romney campaign and RNC, and was working in 7 other swing states.
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