(Updated) RJ Eskow: Helping the kidnapped Nigerian school girls

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WeActRadio’s new headline show, “The Zero Hour” with RJ Eskow discusses the 300 kidnapped Nigerian school girls.
How can we afford not to focus on health care?  We can’t.

(Updated) Obamacare insurance exchanges may not be good deal for young and healthy

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Eskow: “Deciding against a plan that requires you to pay $10–$15,000 out of pocket is a rational act.”
Approaching the event horizon

Action and optimism are critical to progressive victory

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When things look hopeless & the “event horizon” is ahead, act as if you can win. It’s the only way you will win.
Writer Richard (RJ) Eskow

Interview with corporate tax-dodging expert Richard Eskow

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Eskow, like many, has come to a “Chomsky-esque” view of our political and economic system.
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