House of Cards flag, via Wikimedia Commons

A spoiler-free review of House of Cards Season 4: Episodes 1-3

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Wishful, wistful themes and missed opportunities to accurately dramatize contemporary American politics.

I test-drove a $100,000 iPhone (aka Tesla)

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The Tesla electric car really is pretty fun. Gadget-lovers will love it.
The Amazon "Fire Phone" new 3D smartphone. (Image courtesy of Engadget.)

Amazon’s 3D smartphone “Fire Phone” is here

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13mp camera, self-contained case and stronger glass, and tangle-free headphones. The thing looks awfully cool.
Agustín (l), Patrick, and Dom.

Review: HBO’s “Looking” is surprisingly wonderful

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I wasn’t looking to like HBO’s new show about modern gay life in San Francisco. But I loved it.
butler concierge

He moved to NYC, and became Airbnb’s bitch

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Chris Andoe loved using Airbnb, and couldn’t understand why the neighbors were so snippy, until he moved to NYC.

I’m uber-pleased with my 1st ride on Uber (taxi alternative)

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I saved $2 by using UberX instead of a DC cab to head over to a Christmas party on Sunday.

A great way to protect your privacy online: a VPN

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I use a VPN called Private Internet Access to protect my privacy and passwords. You should too.
Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist,” was it racist or a good-faith effort?

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Boy did people weigh in about Brad Paisley’s new song. Here’s a selection of the most interesting responses.

Would you spend $40 a pound for a killer cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

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I taste-tested some and found it quite a nice coffee, and great for gifts, but probably too steep for my wages.
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