Puppy rescue! (video)

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Puppy abandoned by the tracks gets a new home. I dare you not to smile.

CA highway patrol rescues chihuahua from middle of freeway

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The dog has been named “Freeway,” and is doing well. Lots of folks have stepped forward to adopt her.
Unidentified adult man writes messages and prayers for Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER MH370 on March 19, 2014 in IIUM Library, Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia. (Shahrul Azman / Shutterstock.com)

Flight 370 update: Unknown debris field spotted by satellite

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French satellites have spotted a debris field that includes 122 floating objects, ranging from 3 to 75 feet long.

This video of a man being rescued from a Houston apt. fire is astounding

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This video of a man being rescued from a fire in Houston yesterday is just astounding.

Ecstatic humpback whale freed from net (video)

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A wonderful video of a humpback practically in joy after being freed from a fishing net.

Touching story of 3 chihuahuas rescued from the street (video)

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The dogs are available for adoption in SoCal – truly touching video of their rescue.

Amazing cliff-side rescue of a fallen mountain-climber in Banff (video)

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They have to use a helicopter, that has nowhere to land, to rescue a man who’s fallen 60 feet.
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