Kill everyone with Ebola, says former SC GOP head

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Tom Kincannon urged hospital employees not to treat Ebola patients, and said Ray Rice should have beaten his wife.
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How minorities are about to cost the GOP the White House, forever

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Increased numbers of minority voters in Texas, Arizona, Georgia and South Carolina could turn those states blue.
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Murdoch: Fox News “saved” GOP

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MSNBC admits to being progressive. Fox does not admit to being conservative.
Mark Regnerus, authored of now-debunked anti-gay study.

Horrifically anti-gay Regnerus study conceived at top GOP think tank Heritage

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The study, that suggests gay parents push their children to suicide, was conceived at the Heritage Foundation.

GOP’s Huckabee on birth control: Fed govt shouldn’t help women who can’t control their “libido”

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Former GOP presidential candidate Huckabee echoes Rush Limbaugh’s claim that women on birth control are “sl*ts.”

Alan Grayson: GOP made up of corporate shills, religious fanatics, and freedom fiends (video)

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“[Republicans] think that the biggest problem in America today is that billionaires don’t have enough money.”
the South

Alabama GOP tries to force out College Republican chairwoman for being pro-gay

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Watch all of her young friends abandon your racist, sexist, homophobic party for their rest of their long lives.
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

GOP turns to “Chick-fil-A model” to woo younger voters. Seriously.

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Because nothing says “the youth vote” like Bible-thumping anti-gay bigots.

Rachel Maddow on the GOP social conservative problem in VA

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Rachel Maddow looks at GOPers Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson running for Gov and Lt Gov of VA.

Bob Dole says he, Nixon, Reagan wouldn’t make it in today’s GOP (video)

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Dole adds that the GOP is abusing the filibuster.
Poll tax via Wikipedia.

NC GOP pushing poll tax to stop Dem-leaning college kids from voting

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We’ve finally found the one tax Republicans actually like: the poll tax.
Laura Bush thinks same-sex marriage ‘will come.’ Does Michelle Obama agree?

Laura Bush is glad GOP has room for women-haters, bigots

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Yeah, cuz America wouldn’t be America if we didn’t welcome “legitimate rape” as legitimate political discourse.
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