Apocalypse, via Pixabay

When is the apocalypse happening? Tomorrow? Well, dang.

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According to a revised prediction, the end of the world is happening…soon.
Augustus Sol Invictus, screenshot via YouTube

Augustus Sol Invictus should be disqualified from holding public office, but not because he sacrificed a goat

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His political views, not his religious views, are what’s incompatible with the Constitution.
America, circa 2016, except Blount County, Tennessee, via Wikimedia Commons

Blount County, Tennessee to vote on whether to ask God to spare them from coming anti-gay wrath

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Every time the government endorses religion, an angel rips of a fish’s legs.
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

The Vatican downplays Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis

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The Vatican reminds us that the Pope meets with people all the time, and doesn’t necessarily agree with them.
Rick Perry, via AddictingInfo

Why are you praying over this shooting tragedy?

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Prayer in the face of tragedies like this is natural. It is also problematic.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson: Gravity, boy I dunno

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This from the supposed intellectual candidate in the GOP primary.
Pope Francis. Philip Chidell / Shutterstock.com

Kim Davis claims she met with Pope Francis. Would it matter?

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He already endorsed her position. Why does it matter if he told her so in person?
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

Pope Francis: Government workers have a right to to refuse same-sex marriages

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The Pope’s preference for religious doctrine over the rule of law shows that he isn’t a public authority.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

Donald Trump didn’t make much sense at the Values Voter Summit, but he didn’t have to

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When Tony Perkins told Trump that he had 20 minutes to talk about God, Trump apparently thought that meant him.
Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, via the Argentine Presidency website.

Pope Francis is making conservaties come to Jesus on religion’s relationship with politics

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Our politics inform our religion, not the other way around.
Scott Walker, via Wikimedia Commons

God’s call for Scott Walker to run for president must have been a prank

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This isn’t the first time God’s called Scott Walker to mount a losing campaign.
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Ben Carson isn’t OK

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Carson said this morning that Muslims cannot be President. Boo this man.
Church and State, via Shutterstock

New Mexico non-believer court-ordered to attend Christian counseling sessions

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The court insists that they don’t endorse religious counseling; footage of the counseling they endorse disagrees.
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