the flag of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or simply the Islamic State (IS). Via Shutterstock.

Liberals need to stop mansplaining ISIS

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We tend to explain away Islamic extremism as being motivated by something other than religion. And we’re wrong.

Hillary Clinton’s cynical religion

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Why everyone should be troubled by Hillary Clinton’s claim that her most influential book is the Bible.

Eden Foods can kiss her Post-it note

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Eden Foods sided with Hobby Lobby against women. Here’s how one woman is fighting back.

Franklin Graham’s Merry Christmas gay-bashing and Pope-bashing

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Billy Graham’s son Franklin is using the holiday season to bash gays, and the Pope.

If Scientology is a “cult,” then why is Mormonism a “religion”?

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Why is it okay to think that Scientologists are nuts, but when you criticize Mormons, it’s “prejudice”?
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Vatican frets gay marriage will lead to polygamy, frets less over own pedophilia

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The pedophile enablers at the Vatican should clean up their own house of child-rape before throwing stones.
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1,600 pastors broke law by backing political candidates in sermons

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Many US preachers are tired of the law that prevents them from pushing politics, so they violate it.
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Preacher blasts gays, then suddenly… (video)

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This video has gone super-viral, for good reason – just watch.
Joseph, 16, bullied for being gay

Joseph’s story of being bullied for being gay (video)

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“I wanna be religious, but I don’t see why I should go to a church when God doesn’t even like me.”
Catholic cardinals via Shutterstock.

Catholic cardinal now calling gay marriages “friendships”

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The Catholic cardinal of Chicago is unhappy about the prospect of gay couples getting married and settling down.
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