Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The Republican field doesn’t understand its own newfound financial populism

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These are some really tough squares to circle.
Man with gun via Shutterstock

Fox host wonders aloud why we’d want to regulate guns if “we’re not regulating the car”

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By implying that what’s good for cars is good for guns, he inadvertently made the case for new gun regulations.
Sign at a contamination site in Ecuador, via

In Ecuador, Chevron found contamination — and comedy — in soil they testified was clean

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Video shows inspectors laughing at the fact that they kept finding petroleum “where it’s not supposed to be.”
Child via Shutterstock

Why are abusive ex-gay therapy camps less-regulated than nail salons?

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A new campaign is seeking to pass basic regulations for ex-gay therapy camps.
E-cigarette via Shutterstock

FDA proposes new rules to regulate e-cigs like cigarettes

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E-cig advocatees were relatively happy with the proposed rules, which would also regulate cigars and hookahs.
Corruption via Shutterstock

(Updated) House Ag committee Dems vote to deregulate derivatives

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Seven Democrats on the House Ag committee voted to turn the clock back to 2006 on derivatives regulation.
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