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The ballot initiatives you should be paying attention to this Election Day

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There are lots of important elections going on today. Here are the ballot initiatives to watch.
Money in politics, via Flickr

Seattle’s democracy voucher referendum could dramatically reform money in politics

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Democracy vouchers have never been put into practice, but there’s every reason to believe they’re a great idea.
Marijuana, via Brett Levin / Flickr

Monopolistic marijuana legalization to appear on Ohio ballot this year, not next year

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The referendum would legalize possession and smoking, but limit most growing rights to the campaign’s financiers.

OXI dokey: A report from a Greek solidarity rally

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A report from rally in Queens in support of the OXI movement in Greece.
Yes Equality, via Yes Equality / Creative Commons

Irish referendum on gay marriage underway

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Ireland heads to the polls today to vote on same-sex marriage.
Old wooden churches on island Kizhi on Onega (Onezhskoye) lake in region Karelia on North of Russia, UNESCO World Heritage site (Shutterstock)

When is Putin’s secession-referendum for Chechnya, Dagestan and Karelia?

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Vladimir Putin is such a fan of democratic referenda to set a people free, so why does he refuse to free his own?
Crimea referendum ballot, courtesy of Kyiv Post.

Crimean referendum offers 2 choices: Secede & join Russia now, or Secede & join Russia later

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The only choices on the ballot are whether to join Russia now or later.
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