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Reddit is imploding after firing AMA coordinator

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With no working line of communication between the site and its community, many subreddits are shutting down.
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Younger generations aren’t silent

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One subreddit’s insights into the economic angers and frustrations of today’s youth.
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Redditors’ response to Reddit’s new anti-harassment policy justifies policy’s existence

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Angry redditors have a very different idea of free speech than the rest of us.
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When corporations co-opt social justice, who pays?

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Whatever values are assigned to corporate behavior, the motive is always profit.

Beautiful Sochi: Come for the terrorism, stay for the garbage

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Putin apologists post photos online to prove Sochi is ready for the Olympics. Problem is, the photos are of Malta.

If Web sites were people… (video)

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A really well-done video from Cracked about what would happen if famous Web site were actual people.
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