Donald Trump

“Is it possible to rape your wife?” just became a serious question in the Republican primary

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Donald Trump has dragged the Republican Party into another debate about what counts as “legitimate” rape.
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Study: Frat parties are inefficient, misogynistic sexual marketplaces

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Sex sells. And, according to Sean Hernandez, a recent graduate of the University of Southern California, the going rate on college campuses — particularly within Greek culture ...
Supreme Court on the day they heard Bush v. Gore (photo by John Aravosis)

It’s time to modernize our rape laws

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Rape shouldn’t be based on consent, it should be based on criminal intent.
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How the laws governing rape fail everyone

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The law defines rape as a crime of general intent, making it confusing for the victim and the accused.

Dan Savage has no respect for child-raping Catholic priests

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Far-right Catholics are upset at Dan Savage for not show child-raping Catholic priests the appropriate respect.
Image of the young man who was kidnaped, tortured and raped, via RFE/RL.

Russian vigilantes rape young gay man with bottle to “cure” him, film assault

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Lawless Russian vigilantes, ignored by the government, have been kidnapping and torturing gay boys for months.

Because he didn’t orgasm, it’s not rape – USC allegedly told student

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Federal civil rights investigators are looking into allegations that USC mishandled sexual violence cases.
See Stephen Colbert's video on the ongoing GOP rape gaffes at the end of this story.

GOP congressman Trent Franks: It’s hard to get pregnant from rape (video)

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“The incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.”

Horrific acid attack on 17 y.o. coed is sadly typical of India’s routine mistreatment of women

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Sonali Mukherjee’s face literally melted away as she instantly lost the ability to see, hear, eat, walk & talk.
WWII "We can do it!" poster via Wikipedia.

Female US sailor beats the cr*p out of Dubai bus driver who tries to rape her

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You see, the female sailor has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.
Laura Bush thinks same-sex marriage ‘will come.’ Does Michelle Obama agree?

Laura Bush is glad GOP has room for women-haters, bigots

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Yeah, cuz America wouldn’t be America if we didn’t welcome “legitimate rape” as legitimate political discourse.
Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements

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Considering the Catholic church has yet to come clean about the serial rape of kids, why would anyone donate?
Donald Trump

Trump: Jindal “stupid” for saying GOP needs to “stop being the stupid party”

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Of course, Jindal has his own “stupid” problems since he too is a birther.
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