Rainbow Doritos, via It Gets Better

It only took a couple of hours for Rainbow Doritos to send conservatives into a tizzy

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Add this to the growing list of companies that conservatives who want to believe with their dollars have to avoid.
Vladimir Luxuria at the Bologna Pride 2012, in Bologna, Italy. Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto, June 10 2012.

Olympic police re-arrest former Italian MP for wearing rainbow outfit

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Vladimir Luxuria’s rainbow outfit was deemed too gay by the Olympic police.
Kremlin concludes that Jewish Autonomous flag is not gay.

Kremlin experts determine that Jewish autonomous flag is not gay

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There will be no flag-bashing from the Kremlin this day.

Is the Olympics going to ban Christian crosses and Stars of David?

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The rainbow is a symbol of a gay church, the MCC. If the IOC bans the rainbow, it bans a Christian church.
gay rainbow flag shutterstock

Russian female athletes kiss on winner’s podium

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Though no one seems quite sure if it was a political protest, or just a friend congrats.

Russian embassy sidewalk in Stockholm painted rainbow by activists

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Protests build as the world responds to Russia’s violent crackdown on its gay and trans citizens.
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