Pete Sessions, via Wikimedia Commons

GOP Congressman Sessions blames gun violence on diversity

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Rep. Pete Sessions doesn’t know what diversity is, but he knows it’s a big problem.
Don't Shoot, via Mike Licht / Flickr

Indictment of Cincinnati campus police officer in Samuel Dubose shooting shows promise of broader reform

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When the system isn’t bending over backwards to let cops off the hook, justice can be served.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Why would The Donald “tone down” his immigration rhetoric when it’s working so well?

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The Donald has no incentive to tone it down. He’s proven that racism is a winning strategy in the GOP primary.
Ken Calvert, via Wikimedia Commons

SC House votes to take Confederate flag down; US House GOP tries to keep it up

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In an unexpected, late-night maneuver, Republicans took a stand for federally-funded racism.
Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

America’s elected prosecutors are almost all white and male, and it’s skewing our justice system

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95 percent of elected prosecutors are white. Fifteen states have exclusively white prosecutors.

IJReview: Voter ID laws not racist because Mandela

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An argument by association isn’t a valid argument. It’s a dodge.
Freed slaves fighting for the Union in the Civil War, via Wikimedia Commons

New Texas textbook will downplay slavery, omit KKK and Jim Crow

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It is an uniquely American phenomenon to allow individual states to deliberately mislead children.
Senator Lee Bright, screenshot from YouTube

Ted Cruz’s South Carolina co-chair has epic anti-gay meltdown over Confederate flag

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Not even close to addressing the issue at hand.
KKK rally, via Wikimedia Commons

KKK plans rally for Confederate flag in South Park redux

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If the KKK ever watched South Park, they’d know better than to rally for the flag.
Racism, via Shutterstock

A white southerner takes another look at racism

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It is easy for the white majority to miss the evidence of persistent systemic and cultural racism in America.
Nikki Haley, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

A bad day for the Confederate flag

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It’s getting harder and harder to defend the culture — past and present — that the Confederate flag represents.
Charleston, South Carolina via Wikimedia Commons

A devil went down to Charleston

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Our own racialized responses to a racially-motivated act of terrorism.
Arab Spring protest, via Wikimedia Commons

The next American revolution has already begun

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Americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied our country’s political system, and it’s starting to show.
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