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Epic racist meltdown at Mizzou

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Not a good look.
Air Force Capt. Michelle L. Reinstatler

Air Force Academy used to send gay cadets to Ted Haggard to be “cured”

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Air Force Secretary now says the academy will be in charge of investigating its own anti-gay cover up.

Rachel Maddow on Air Force Academy’s “heterosexual confidence” expert

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“This type of quack-counseling that purports to be able to cure people of being gay, is now illegal in CA & NJ.”

US official: Greenwald’s domestic partner detained to send him, Guardian a message

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Message received. But it’s not the one the US intended.
José Padilla in sensory deprivation gear at the Navy Brig (Is this torture? Want to take his place?)

Who is FBI director-nominee James Comey? A Rorschach Test for the left

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Is James Comey an eager Bush II torturer, or the noble hero of Ashcroft’s hospital room? Yes. Now who are you?

Rachel Maddow on the GOP social conservative problem in VA

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Rachel Maddow looks at GOPers Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson running for Gov and Lt Gov of VA.

IRS “scandal”: Rachel Maddow & Dan Rather discuss (video)

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Dan Rather says things were far worse under Nixon, but it’s legit to have an investigation.

Rachel Maddow talks to Joe Stiglitz, Frank Rich about income inequality (video)

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Joe Stiglitz and Frank Rich discuss why a booming Wall Street is having little impact on income inequality.

Boston Marathon Bombing: The latest, via Rachel Maddow (video)

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Rachel Maddow did a nice synopsis last night of the latest from the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

Rachel Maddow on “legitimate rape”—What Todd Akin’s statement says about GOP orthodoxy

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This is The Rachel Maddow Show at its best. Look beyond the fact that MSNBC is a one-eyed giant that finds only Republican fault. There is Republican fault to find, and Maddow has found ...

Maddow on the “Devil’s Advocate” — Romney’s disaster manager

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Here’s a nice Rachel Maddow Show segment on PR firms that shine the devil’s doorknob, so to speak. The official term for them is “crisis managers” — people ...

Maddow: Bush-era torture “probably a war crime,” Obama “legally obligated to prosecute”

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The good folks at The Political Carnival have brought this to our attention — Rachel Maddow discussing the fact that Bush-era torture was illegal, “probably a war crime,” ...

Fox pundit tells CPAC crowd that Rachel Maddow should never have been born

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Really inappropriate. But typical. Igor has the video too. News pundit and conservative columnist Cal Thomas continued the ugliness. After the Heritage’s Genevieve Wood played a quote ...
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