KIEV, UKRAINE - JAN 26, 2014: Euromaidan protesters rest and strengthen their barricades on Hrushevskoho Street, after another night of clashes with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine. snames /

Ukraine rejects its own president and Vladimir Putin

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The big loser in Ukraine is Russia, though the US isn’t far behind.

Video: Russian-backed Ukrainian govt using snipers to kill unarmed protesters

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Some are calling these stories “clickbait,” suggesting that it’s somehow wrong to find a way to make people care.

Stephen Colbert on the mass riots in Ukraine

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“Freedom is on the march in the Ukraine as rebels arm themselves with catapults and kitchen gear.”

Gay Russian protesters attacked, police do nothing (video)

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These are the same protesters who held the “From Russia with Love” events earlier this week.

From Russia with Love: Russian gay community thanks the world, in pictures

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“We send our friends abroad our deepest gratitude – this is the least we can do now.”

BREAKING: Putin “terror” decree bans meetings, protests at Sochi Olympics

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Russian government appears to make being openly gay at the Olympics an act of terror.

“The tragedy of journalism now is that it’s demand-driven”

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Modern journalism is info-tainment, which breeds a culture of “taught helplessness.” Here’s how to defeat it.

Time-lapse: 12 hours at Tahrir Square protests in Egypt (video)

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This is a neat time-lapse of a 12 hour period, condensed into 30 seconds.

Turkey in chaos after police attack sit-in protesters

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Turkey is a part of NATO and borders Iran, Iraq and Syria. It’s a hugely import, and strategic, US ally.

More violence in Paris as French anti-gay right co-opted by extremists, supremacists

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France’s UMP opposition party, much like America’s GOP, has now allied itself with the hate of the far right.
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