Phelps clan run out of Moore, Oklahoma for saying God intentionally sent tornado that killed 9 kids

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Westboro Baptist says America has been too pro-gay, so they protested the school that lost 9 kids last year.

Flaming Buddy Cole ticks off the cops in Sochi for the Colbert Report

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Buddy, in fur, went to the protest zone and protested that his martini had run out of vodka. Cops were unamused.

“I am a Ukrainian” – this video needs to go viral

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“We have this freedom inside our hearts. We have this freedom in our minds.”

Video: Gays arrested in Moscow’s Red Square, singing national anthem

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The 10 gay protesters were waving the rainbow flag and singing the Russian national anthem.
Nothing says "woo those soccer moms" like having Charlie Manson's younger brother lookalike be the rallying cry for your party. (Phil Robertson photo by A&E)

Jesusland to gorge itself in support of Duck Dynasty

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Nothing woos soccer moms and millennials like making Charlie Manson’s younger brother your party’s new posterboy.
I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold drag heads. (Shutterstock)

Glitter is now “bio-terrorism”

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Enviro protesters charged with terror for having glitter on banner. HSBC wrist-slapped for ACTUALLY aiding terror.
Queer Nation protester lecturing audience and panelists at the Princeton Club invest-in-Moscow seminar.

Gay protesters interrupt Princeton Club “invest in Moscow” meeting (video)

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Homophobic Princeton club member: “Gay culture should not be promoted because it will destroy the population.”

Saudi women video selves driving cars in nationwide protest against sexist “men only” law

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The best part of this video is the little girl in the next car, giving the thumbs up while smiling widely.

Moscow crowd stands up to police, until it finds out protesters are gay (video)

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New video documents arrests under Russia’s draconian new anti-gay propaganda law.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry

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Russian conductor, and Putin ally, Valery Gergiev will be performing, and protested, at Carnegie Hall.

Vets storm DC’s WWII memorial, tear down fences, refuse to let Park Service/GOP shut it down

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Oddly, GOP Rep. Steve King, one of the architects of the shutdown, was at the memorial protesting the shutdown.

Russians arrest gays for protesting at Sochi Olympic headquarters (video)

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Next time they should carry signs saying “McDonald’s,” “Coke,” and “Visa.” That visual will be priceless.

Greenpeace brilliantly interrupts Shell’s Grand Prix finale (video)

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One of the most brilliantly-executed protests I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to Greenpeace on this one.
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