Actor proposes to girlfriend, on stage, in middle of Peter Pan

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Adorable video.
Hostage via Shutterstock

GOP now demanding we sign a DNR for America

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CNN reports House conservatives derailed deal, again.
Terrorist via Shutterstock (with Xmas hat thrown on)

GOP offers new poison pill debt-ceiling proposal

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New GOP proposal would gut the budget any year Congress can’t agree to appropriations bills.
A gay marriage proposal at a Home Depot.

Pretty awesome (gay) marriage proposal at a Home Depot in SLC

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Yet again, gay people raise the bar on marriage proposals to an unattainable level :)

Australian dog helps Australian man propose marriage (video)

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“Whatever you do, don’t eat the box.”

Adorable surprise flash-mob (gay) wedding proposal (video)

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Sadly, the happy couple won’t be together because of DOMA, and gays being axed from immigration reform.
immigration reform

Right-wing infighting overshadows new bipartisan immigration reform plan

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A bipartisan group of 8 Democratic and Republican senators unveiled a framework for immigration reform.
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