Putin spokesman compares being gay to having sex with a table

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Jason Jones of the Daily Show OBLITERATES homophobic Putin spokesman Sergei Markov in one of best segments ever.
Elton John (anyamuse /

Elton John blasts anti-gay law during Moscow concert (video)

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By criticizing the draconian anti-gay “propaganda” law, Elton John was also violating it.

Moscow crowd stands up to police, until it finds out protesters are gay (video)

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New video documents arrests under Russia’s draconian new anti-gay propaganda law.
Vitaly Milonov, the author of St. Petersburg, Russia's anti-gay "propaganda" ban, is apparently a tiny bit crazy

Russian propaganda ban author’s anti-gay tirade: Gays rape kids, commit all hate crimes

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In crazy interview with French TV, gay “propaganda” ban author says gays are pedophiles, commit all hate crimes.
Image of the young man who was kidnaped, tortured and raped, via RFE/RL.

Putin: Gays face no discrimination in Russia, are depopulating Europe

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Russian President Vladimir Putin yet again furthers Russia’s descent into the 14th century.

Lots of gay Russia updates as Obama prepares to meet gay groups in St. Petersburg

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Irish and Swedes rock, Russian activists protest G20, religious right thinks it’s a “human rights group.”

Russians charge 24 y.o. under anti-gay propaganda law

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News of the charges came less than 24 hours after Russian activist Alexeyev claimed law wouldn’t be applied.

Three big Parisian gay bars ban Russian vodka

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Three of the most popular gay bars in Paris – Cox, freedj, and Who’s – no longer serve Russian vodka.
Russian LGBT leader Masha Gessen, who is working with a coalition of nearly three dozen Russian activists, under the rubric of RUSA LGBT, to fight Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

Must-see: Russian journalist/lesbian activist Masha Gessen on Chris Hayes’ show (video)

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Gessen: International pressure “can prevent the passage of further [anti-gay] laws” in Russia.
Russian Orthodox Church spokesman Vladimir Legoida. Does anyone who supports this law not look gay?  (Photo from a interview on tvrainru).

Hot Russian church official: Shut up & respect our freedom of speech

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It’s seriously time for a little girl from Kansas to drop a house on these people.
An actual pink triangle worn by a man accused of being gay by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Nazis required gays to wear the marking, in the same way Jews were required to wear a Star of David.

Russia isn’t the Holocaust, but it might be Germany circa 1933

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BeccaM: “What’s happening to LGBTs in Russia now is very similar to what began happening to Jews in Germany.”

Oodles of Russian Olympic news today – it’s out of control, here’s a summary

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I’ve filtered out some of the best stories worth reading.
Soviet hat via Shutterstock

Secret. Nocturnal. Intercourse.

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Recent events got me thinking back on my somewhat bizarre trip to the Soviet Union, in the dead of winter, 1984.
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