Donald Trump

Donald Trump can’t take it when Trump-style falsehoods are directed at him

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Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump is featured in ISIS propaganda videos. Now Trump cares about the truth.
Rainbow Russia, via Wikimedia Commons

New survey sheds light on status of LGBT in Russia

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A new survey of Russian attitudes towards the LGBT community shows how far the country has to go.
"Tsarina Putin."

Propaganda in the age of Putin

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How the Russians psyched out the Americans, and how America should respond.
Should you be financing the "new PBS"? Let the billionaires do that.

How PBS sold its soul to a billionaire

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PBS got caught serving the 1% who are after your pension money, since billionaires don’t have enough of their own.

Do these heels make me look Hitler?

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Russian state media makes Ukraine invasion look like such fun, pretty soon everyone will want one!
Alexander Suturin, courtesy of RFE/RL

Russian newspaper editor fined for quoting gay person in article

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Editor fined three-month’s wages for daring to quote a gay person not criticizing his own orientation.

Russian OIympic head wants to ban political opinions at Sochi

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While Canadian IOC member Dick Pound says Russia’s anti-gay law isn’t all that bad.

Hilarious satire: Russia shuts down Broadway for being too gay

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This is amazingly well done, and includes a ton of stars. “If you weren’t gay… that would be okay…”

Putin tells gays attending Sochi Olympics to “leave kids alone”

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Putin reaffirms that Olympic athletes and guests may in fact be arrested if they run afoul of the new law.
johnny weir

NBC fails to disclose Olympic commentator Weir works for Russian govt.

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NBC Olympics commentator, and Russian apologist, Johnny Weir appears to have an undisclosed conflict of interest.

Russian govt invokes anti-gay law against TV channel for airing French film with 3-some

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So much for Vladimir Putin’s post-Syria embrace of freedom in today’s NYT.
Kiev.Victor /

ADL: We need a gay “Jackson-Vanik Amendment” to punish Russian trade

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ADL’s Foxman also suggested banning Russian human rights abusers from entering US, using US banking system.
France's first married gay couple.

Russian gold medalist “insulted” by suggestion of same-sex protest kiss

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Now there’s a surprise. Rather than being a hero, Russian runner Ksenia Ryzhova is just another bigot.
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