(Updated) RJ Eskow: Helping the kidnapped Nigerian school girls

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WeActRadio’s new headline show, “The Zero Hour” with RJ Eskow discusses the 300 kidnapped Nigerian school girls.
Writer and comedian GottaLaff

The importance of comedy to progressive media

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Five Questions: Interview with writer, comedian GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, about comedy in politics.
Writer & analyst Marcy Wheeler

Roundtable on NSA spying, Fukushima latest & the climate solution

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Listen to my discussion with Marcy Wheeler and Jay Ackroyd.

Sequester & HR 900, the bill that cancels it: Gaius with Maya Rockeymoore

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Gaius and Maya Rockeymoore discuss the Sequester, HR900 (Cancel the Sequester bill) and more on WeActRadio.

Obama’s nonsensical terrorist ‘Kill List’ defense, explained by humorist Matt Filipowicz

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An excellent comic riff-rant on the Obama kill list justification.
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