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How to choose a secure Internet password

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A cyber-security guru tackles the question of Internet passwords: hacking them, and how to choose safe ones.

A great way to protect your privacy online: a VPN

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I use a VPN called Private Internet Access to protect my privacy and passwords. You should too.

Rep. Holt to introduce bill to repeal Patriot Act & 2008 FISA Act

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Holt: “Our nation is grappling with a false choice being presented to us by the media & intelligence officials.”
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Privacy & the public interest over Meningitis in the age of AIDS

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In the wake of a deadly meningitis scare among gay men in NYC, how to balance privacy vs. the public interest.
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We deserve to know which companies track & sell our location and sexual orientation

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Under proposed California “Right to Know” law, companies would have to divulge that info and more.
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Murdoch’s empire accused of 600 more phone hackings

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The Republican Party’s favorite mouthpiece is in trouble again for 600 new allegations of phone-hacking.
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Proposed cell phone privacy law in Texas requires warrants

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Even a broken Texas is right twice a day.
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Credit rating agency Equifax collecting, possibly selling, your salary data and more

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In addition to your detailed salary info, Equifax is collecting info on your doctor and unemployment benefits.
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Montreal college student expelled after exposing security hole in college’s network

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Dawson College refuses to explain why this shouldn’t be perceived as a whistleblower incident.

1/4 of Instagram users may (or may not) have quit since privacy snafu

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Multiple sources reported this morning that roughly one quarter of Instagram users had quit the site.
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