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Medical confidentiality, Ebola, and the media

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While the law requires doctors to protect a patient’s name, it does not apply to reporters. Perhaps it should.

This is what a massive online privacy violation looks like

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2nd gay smartphone app “Jack’d” reveals exact location of gay men worldwide, including 282 in Iran.

Gay smartphone app Grindr permanently disables “distance” option

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In response to the disclosure of the location of 600,000 users, Grindr has turned off its “distance” function.
The exact location of gay men currently on Grindr in Tehran, Iran, a country in which gay men are put to death.

I just found gay Grindr users in Iran, Brunei after Grindr “fixes” location problem

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Only hours after gay smartphone app “Grindr” attempted to fix a glitch in its system that has already outed the exactly location of over 600,000 gay men in countries like ...

“Grindr” gay smartphone app turns off “distance” option in face of privacy concerns

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A glitch revealed the exact location of 630,157 Grindr users in 131 countries, including 134 in North Korea.
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How to choose a secure Internet password

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A cyber-security guru tackles the question of Internet passwords: hacking them, and how to choose safe ones.

A great way to protect your privacy online: a VPN

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I use a VPN called Private Internet Access to protect my privacy and passwords. You should too.

Rep. Holt to introduce bill to repeal Patriot Act & 2008 FISA Act

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Holt: “Our nation is grappling with a false choice being presented to us by the media & intelligence officials.”
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Privacy & the public interest over Meningitis in the age of AIDS

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In the wake of a deadly meningitis scare among gay men in NYC, how to balance privacy vs. the public interest.
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We deserve to know which companies track & sell our location and sexual orientation

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Under proposed California “Right to Know” law, companies would have to divulge that info and more.
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Murdoch’s empire accused of 600 more phone hackings

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The Republican Party’s favorite mouthpiece is in trouble again for 600 new allegations of phone-hacking.
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Proposed cell phone privacy law in Texas requires warrants

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Even a broken Texas is right twice a day.
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Credit rating agency Equifax collecting, possibly selling, your salary data and more

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In addition to your detailed salary info, Equifax is collecting info on your doctor and unemployment benefits.
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