Hillary Clinton, via Wikimedia Commons

NY exit polls show huge race gap, Sanders only won white men

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Hillary beat Sanders among African-Americans, 71% to 28%.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump will sign non-binding loyalty oath to not become a free agent after primary season

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Trump, who has run through three marriage contracts, will sign a non-binding oath to stay a Republican forever.
Republicans' Next Top Candidate, via DonkeHotey / Flickr

The GOP debates were a fascinating, horrifying train wreck

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Last night’s debates were as fascinating as they were tragic. A ten-car pileup from which you couldn’t look away.
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Republicans have convinced Republicans that they suck

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The Republican Party is having a bad year, and they’ve brought it on themselves.
Bernie Sanders, via AFGE / Flickr

What’s with the comparisons between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump?

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Their similarities start and end with their position in the polls.
NOM co-founder Brian Brown, via Wikimedia Commons

National Organization for Marriage tries to throw 2016 election for Democrats

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Pledges to support constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage are SO 2004.
Bernie Sanders, via AFGE / Flickr

Bernie Sanders within striking distance in New Hampshire

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Sanders is picking up momentum in his home state’s next-door neighbor.
Which one is which???

Lincoln Chafee is the George Pataki of the Democratic Party

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They’re political doppelgangers with nothing better to do than run for president.

BREAKING: Conservative GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses primary to Tea Partyer

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AP calls it, Cantor lost!

Lindsey Graham’s challenger suggests that he’s a gay

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Nancy Mace says Lindsey is a homersexual.

It’s time to out Lindsey Graham

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If Lindsey Graham thinks his morality forbids voting for gays, then let’s explore his “morality,” shall we?
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