CNBC outs Apple CEO Tim Cook, who then appears at SF Pride

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Cook is facing “the Queen Latifah problem,” where people widely assumed to be gay refuse to come out.
Kandahar-LGBT-Pride DOD

Kandahar, Afghanistan LGBT Pride – an official DOD video

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This is huge on so many levels, including the international level.
Meningitis via Shutterestock

Meningitis shots for all 1 million people attending NYC Gay Pride?

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NYC health official says Pride-goers may want to get vaccinated against a deadly strain of meningitis.

Denver Gay Pride: Amid the storm and chaos there was a single kiss

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Adorable video someone shot of a storm hitting Denver Pride, and 2 guys who were oblivious to the foul weather.
Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Photo courtesy of DOD.

A US sailor asks why LGBT Pride Month is not celebrated in the fleet

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The Commander-in-Chief has issued two LGBT Pride Month proclamations, yet Pride is not celebrated in the fleet.
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