O’Reilly: “There’s gotta be some ‘downside’ to having a woman president, right?”

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“Something that may not ‘fit’ with that office – correct?”

Is Hillary hurting her 2016 chances by not backing peace with Iran?

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Will Hillary support peace with Iran, while it matters, or risk her chances in 2016 like she did in 2008?

Colbert: French President Hollande caught cheating on one mistress with another mistress

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Surprisingly one of the best Stephen Colbert segments to date.
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders on 2016: His candidacy, Elizabeth Warren & the Clintons

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Sanders: “Elizabeth Warren is clearly one of the smartest people in the Senate. She is a true progressive.”
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders “may” run for president in 2016

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And then we’d have a real “socialist” in the White House.
Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz (bottom right) lead "veterans" in protesting the Republicans own shutdown of the government.


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The story of a man attempting to lie his way to the White House, starting with his abysmal knowledge of economics.
Photo by Dave Weigel.

The photo that might just end Chris Christie’s run for the White House

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Christie’s finger-waving “you people” screed to a teacher isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature of a very angry man.

How Ted Cruz killed the birther movement

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If Ted Cruz is American because his mom is American, then so is Obama (well, that and O was actually born here).

Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t her age, it’s her dynasty

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HW Bush, B Clinton, W Bush, Obama, H Clinton, J Bush… when is enough enough?
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