Your grandchildren's East Coast of the United States

Neoliberalism, “just deserts” and the post–climate crisis economy

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From “just deserts” neoliberalism to climate solutions, it’s one straight line. Read why.
White phosphorus over Gaza

Reflections on capitalism: Who are the Unpeople of the world?

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To whites, the poor and darker skinned are Unpeople. To the major capitalists, the circle is a whole lot larger.

“Capitalism never solves its crisis problems; it moves them around geographically”

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A great animated explanation of why modern capitalism is a world of constant crisis.

No austerity anywhere in the world has restored a national economy

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The song of the predator class — “All your money are belong to us.”
Money politics corruption

The push to fix the debt is a billionaire- and corporate-financed looting scam

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The “fix the debt” crisis is financed & driven by looters; watch as the rubes give the rich whatever they want.
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