TrumpCare could gut employer health plans as well

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A new analysis from the Brookings Institution explains that TrumpCare, which is on the verge of passing in the US House, won’t just decimate health coverage for people with pre-existing ...

Before Obamacare, you couldn’t get insurance if you had any of these conditions

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Kaiser compiled an interesting list of conditions — pre-existing conditions — that could get you denied for health insurance before passage of Obamacare, aka the Affordable ...
Mo Brooks

GOP congressman: People with pre-existing conditions lead “bad” lives

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Republican Congressman Mo Brooks, who is a member of the US House Freedom Caucus, responsible for creating the new TrumpCare plan to repeal Obamacare, said today that people who have ...
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6 reasons Obamacare is good for entrepreneurs

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Before Obamacare, good luck moving back home to take care of mom and dad, for starters.
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