Alaska TV reporter quits job on-air over pot legalization (video)

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“F*ck it, I quit.”

The time the Bible-loving Lawrence Welk Show sang a marijuana song (video)

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The uber-apple-pie Welk thought the song “One toke over the line” was a “modern spiritual.” It wasn’t.
Medical marijuana via Shutterstock.

A new method to smoke medical marijuana is on the horizon

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There’s a new method on the horizon for smoking medical marijuana that will assist dosage, purity, and safety.

Marijuana as a possible treatment for HIV and cancer

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A look at new research on using THC, the principal drug in marijuana, to fight HIV and damage cancer cells.

Colbert on the beginning of recreational pot sales in Colorado

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“You keep smoking weed, you keep laughing with your friends, you’ll never grow up to be David Brooks.”

Stephen Colbert on pot laws (video)

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Colbert weighs in on how marijuana legalization laws are going in Washington state and Colorado.

Stephen Colbert on marijuana legalization (video)

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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta changes his mind in favor of marijuana legalization, and Stephen Colbert is there.

RNC lists “in the closet” as a sexual orientation on survey

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A new RNC survey sounds like the GOP is worried that its positions on gays, abortion and pot are hurting it.
marijuana deforestation northern california

Marijuana farming deforestation in northern California, a Google Earth view (video)

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A virtual visit to 3 likely marijuana farms in northern California shows devastating deforestation caused by it.
marijuana money

A rush of “green business” to follow recent marijuana legalization?

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Entirely new business opportunity are emerging from the smoke of marijuana legalization in CO and WA state.

Marijuana now legal in WA, CO next – will the feds clamp down?

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White House and Justice Department considering legal action against the two states.

Were legalizing marijuana and gay marriage on the same day God’s plan?

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Gay marriage was legalized in three states last election day, recreational pot in two. Is there a connection?

Marijuana reform had a big night

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Colorado, Washington state and Detroit all legalized recreational marijuana, and Massachusetts approved medical.
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