Wikileaks on TPP, the south hates gays, and conservative Catholics ain’t feelin’ the love

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An assortment of stories I didn’t get to, so you get them all at once in snippet format :)

Daily Show on Pope’s new pro-gay tone (video)

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John Oliver on the Pope’s kind new words for gay people: “So the policy’s the same, but the tone has changed.”
Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, via the Argentine Presidency website.

Vatican will nix your time in purgatory if you follow Pope on Twitter

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I am not making this up.

Who will be the new Pope: the mafia guy or the pedophilia guy?

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And you thought the Catholic church limited itself to aiding and abetting the rape of children. Pshaw.
The Vatican as Dallas the TV show

The Vatican as the TV show Dallas (video)

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This put a smile on my face.
Catholic hypocrisy via Shutterstock

US Roman Catholics say church is out of touch

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I must admit, a part of me would like to see the Catholic church continue its path into irrelevancy.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Cardinal O’Brien: Big homo

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Britain’s top Catholic official, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who’s hugely anti-gay, admits he’s gay and a harasser.
Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.26.37 PM

Holy Daddy’s Roommate: the Pope’s dreamy man-servant sleepover buddy

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A hot young(er) monsignor will be double-dipping by serving the new Pope by day and Ratzinger by night.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Anti-gay top UK Cardinal O’Brien resigns after gay harassment allegations

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UK’s Cardinal O’Brien, who is outspokenly anti-gay, is accused of “inappropriate” acts with four young men.
Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson via Haiducul, Wikipedia.

Pope candidate Cardinal Turkson: Pedophilia is a white thing

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One of the top candidates for Pope thinks the pedophile scandal is really a “gay” scandal, and a white thing.
Catholic facepalm via Shutterstock

Cardinal accused of aiding pedophiles will vote on next pope, says he’s scapegoat, like Jesus

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Cardinal Mahony, accused of shielding and protecting child-rapist priests, is heading to Rome to pick next Pope.
Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

Disgraced LA Cardinal Mahony asks God to forgive his victims for holding him accountable

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Church documents show that retired LA Cardinal Roger Mahony shielded and protected child-rapist priests.

Pope resignation update: RI judge releases “Legion of Christ” docs

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This judge-order document release could reveal, or be the reason, why the pope resigned.
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