Volkswagen Golf, via Wikimedia Commons

Volkswagen ordered to recall nearly 500,000 vehicles for manipulating software to circumvent emissions inspections

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That they were caught is as big of a deal as the fact they were cheating.
Martin O'Malley, via Wikimedia Commons

Martin O’Malley’s “rain tax” is actually a great idea

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Monied Republican interests did to the storm water remediation fee what they did to the estate tax.
Sign at a contamination site in Ecuador, via

In Ecuador, Chevron found contamination — and comedy — in soil they testified was clean

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Video shows inspectors laughing at the fact that they kept finding petroleum “where it’s not supposed to be.”

How to fight back on climate: $2.9 million fracking damage award in Texas

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Every fracking well incentivizes a lawsuit. Read about the first victory — in Texas.
Your grandchildren's East Coast of the United States

Chomsky on the intersection between climate, deep state, and rule by the rich

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Obama: “America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.” So you’re the climate perp.
Polluted river in China

60 y.o. Chinese environmentalist beaten by mob of 40 men

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China needs to clean up more than its rivers.

1200 miles from civilization, birds die from eating man-made plastic

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Our garbage is afflicting every single albatross on Midway – there are 1.5 million – and killing 1/3 of chicks.
Polluted river in China

Chinese environmentalist offers $32k to local EPA-type chief to swim in polluted river

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It takes serious guts to be an environmental activist in China.
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