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Let me take a moment to talk about the kind of consulting I do, in case anyone might be interested in my services.
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Are your politics in your genes?

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Were Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh simply born that way?

Thank George Bush for exempting political email from spam laws

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We can shake our fists in the general direction of Crawford, Texas, and at a village whose idiot protected spam.
GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

How modern politics killed compromise

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The opportunities for cross-partisan policymaking have all but disappeared.
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We evolved to argue

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Our ability to argue actually makes our species more viable over the long-term.
Georgia State Judge Michael Boggs, Obama nominee for federal judge position

The nomination of far-right conservative Michael Boggs to the federal bench

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Would a GOP President ever nominate a far left liberal for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge? No.
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Republicans quite literally think differently than we do

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Our political differences are derived from real, and often intractable, differences in how we think.
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Your politics are in your genes

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Genes play a role in determining what our political opinions are, and how strongly we hold them.

Weekend thoughts on using effective language

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Metaphors matter. Losing your home is not like losing your keys. People don’t “lose” homes.
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