VA cops to photograph 17 y.o.’s erection after he sexted his girlfriend

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The cops are charging the 17 y.o. with two felony counts of child pornography for videotaping his own penis.
Lenco Bearcat armored assault vehicle — $250,000. Bring your own testosterone.

NH legislator introduces bill to stop small-town police from buying tanks

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Why are police departments buying assault vehicles and equipment, all standardized? A marine.
Actual court documents in the "clenched buttocks" lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

New Mexico police anal probe victim wins settlement

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Man who suffered anal search, colonoscopy, and 3 enemas at hands of NM local law enforcement receives justice.
Spectacular auroral display over the glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon in Iceland (via Shutterstock).

Iceland in shock as cops kills a man for 1st time in history

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“The nation was in shock, this does not happen in our country…. This is like an American film.”

Cross the border? Vaginal search

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A third story from New Mexico of law enforcement performing an invasive anal, and this time vaginal, search.

Fail to use a turn signal? Anal exam (video)

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For a second time, New Mexico cops subjected a driver to anal exams and x-rays for a minor traffic stop.
Actual court documents in the "clenched buttocks" lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

Man gets anal search, colonoscopy, 3 enemas for rolling through stop with “clenched buttocks”

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They found nothing. He’s suing.

When a cop slaps a child is it an outrage, or just Outrage, Inc? (video)

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Onlookers are horrified when a cop slaps a child. Then you learn the rest of the story…

TX cops search women’s vaginas for speeding, throwing cigs out window (video)

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Women were detained 1 hour while female cop stuck her hand up rectum, in vagina, in middle of the road.
Kitten via

Ohio cop shoots 5 kittens dead, with kids listening, to “euthanize them”

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Mother calls to alert city that there are wild kittens living outside her house, so cop shows up & shoots them.
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