UDPATE: Trump WH aide Monica Crowley steps down over plagiarism

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Senior Trump White House appointee Monica Crowley has been accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D. She should lose it.

Donald Trump Jr. plagiarized Obama last week

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Trump Jr. claimed today that Obama plagiarized him at the DNC. In fact, it was Trump Jr. who plagiarized Obama.
Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Melania Trump plagiarized RNC speech from Michelle Obama

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Trump campaign denies the obvious plagiarism, oddly blames Hillary.

Politics is plagiarism

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We shouldn’t be shocked when campaigns plagiarize. It’s all politicians ever do nowadays.

GOP cong-wannabe DeMaio plagiarized National Journal study, even copied the typos

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Carl DeMaio, running for Congress from California, even copied two typographical errors from the National Journal.

Rand Paul plagiarizes weird Gattaca wiki on behalf of Cuccinelli, Colbert is amused

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As GOP VA governor candidate Ken Cuccinelli falls further behind in the polls, this is the last thing he needed.
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