Join me on a walking tour of Paris (photos)

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I joined a great old friend for a nice 9-hour walk from the Marais up the Rue St. Denis.

Who knew Ghent, Belgium was the prettiest city in the world?

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While admittedly your mileage may vary, I was surprised to find yesterday that the town of Ghent, in Dutch (Flemish) Belgium, is quite possibly the prettiest place I’ve ever visited. ...

NASA got some great photos of the Blood Moon

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Last night’s total lunar eclipse in North and South America turned the moon blood red, and NASA got some images.

Zoomable gigapixel photo of a human face (video)

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A Swiss photographer has taken those gigapixel photos of landscapes and applied the technique to a human face.

Incredibly cool 360º virtual tour of NYC

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It`s zoomable, rotatable, and beautiful.
A large bright green with blue overtones Agapostemon from Badlands National Park. One of several species present there and very similar to A. virescens and a bit tricky to tell apart. Photo by Wayne Boo with help from Ben Smith on upping the Photoshopping techniques.

Stunning close-ups of bees

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Surprisingly (to me), the photos are far more beautiful than creepy.

14 Best White House Photos of 2013

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A look at some of the best photos from the official White House photographers.

Genetic portraits: Melding photos of family members

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Ulric Collette’s photo investigation of the similarities and differences among family members via photography.

A humbling view of the inner solar system from Saturn via Cassini

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A magnificent photo from NASA’s Cassini probe of Saturn – showing the inner planets, including the Earth and Moon.

Stunning time-lapse video of the stars, mountaintop in Spain (video)

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I really love these super-timelapse videos where you can actually see the Milky Way.

Old iconic photos colorized and brought to life

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It’s almost as if we think of history in black and white, until now. The colorization makes these people live.

NYC photographer grabs strangers off street to shoot in intimate poses (video)

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People come away from the shoot really happy, contented, feeling as if they in fact shared a tender moment.

13 stunning fall photos from the Interior Dept. Twitter feed

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This Twitter feed is a real gem. Some of the most gorgeous photos of natural beauty in our national parks.
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